Mass ASP.NET Infection Ongoing, So Far 614,000 Web-Pages Affected

An infection that causes poorly configured websites to silently bombard visitors with malware attacks has hit almost 614,000 webpages, Google searches show.
The mass infection, which redirects users to a site exploiting old versions of Oracle's Java, Adobe's Flash player and various browsers, was first disclosed by Armorize on Wednesday. At the time, it appeared to affect about 180,000 pages. 

By time of writing on Friday, the initial attack and a follow-on exploit has spread to 613,890 combined pages. The SQL injection attack mostly exploits websites running Microsoft's ASP.Net web application framework.
The infection injects code into websites operated by restaurants, hospitals, and other small businesses and plants an invisible link in visitors' browsers to sites including and Those sites in turn redirected to several other websites that include highly obfuscated code. At the end of the line is a cocktail of attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities in Java and the other targeted programs. Computers running unpatched versions are then commandeered. Servers in the attack used IP addresses based in the US and Russia.

To Download the Script Click Here 

The scripts causes the visiting browser to load an iframe first from and then from Multiple browser-based drive-by download exploits are served depending on the visiting browser. In a drive-by download attack, visitors who navigate to the infected websites will be installed with malware on their machines without their knowledge. This is if they have outdated browsing platforms (browser or Adobe PDF or Adobe Flash or Java etc).
This wave of mass injection incident is targeting ASP ASP.NET websites. Currently, the 6 out of 43 antivirus vendors on VirusTotal can detect the dropped malware.

ASP and ASP.NET websites are injected with the following script (Text is Here):
<script src=></script>

-News Source (The Register & Armorize Blog)


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