Hackers Champions League Presented By Innobuzz & VOGH (Call For Research Papers)

Hackers Champions League is Presented by Innobuzz Knowledge Solution & Voice of Greyhat (VOGH). This is 1st event ever conducted in India where the ability of hackers will be classified.  All the hackers around the globe can participate, show their skills, ability, potentiality & compatibility. The main aim of conducting Hackers Champions League (HCL 2011) is to enrich the Cyber Security because we believe that "Security Comes from You".
All the hackers, security researchers, Pen testers around the whole spectrum are invited to take part in this event. In HCL 2011 a participant have to submit his/her research papers. Our honorable judges panel will select the winners and the top 50 candidates will get exclusive gift from the organizer.

Contents of The Paper:-

  •         New Security Flaws
  •         Vulnerabilities
  •         Malware
  •         Trojan,Stealer, Backdoors & Bots
  •         Cryptography & Steganography
  •         Firewalls, IDS & Honeypots
  •         Reverse Engineering
  •         Captcha System
  •         Algorithm
  •         Mobile Security (Android, i-OS)
  •         Denial of Service (DoS)
  •         DNS Poisoning
  •         New Cyber Attacks
  •         Social Engineering
  •         On-line Frauds
  •         Web Vulnerabilities
  •         Operating System
  •         Scripting (Exploit Writing)
  •         Wireless Security

How to submit the paper:-

All the papers must be submitted to the following Email id

1. The name of the Author
2. Content (Which he/she has selected from the above list)
3. Subject or Title of your research paper
4. Email-id
5. Phone Number (Optional)
6. Papers Must be on .pdf Format
7. Video Demonstration, PPT Presentation Can also be added  

Note That:- All the papers must be submitted on or before the 28th of December 2011

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