Opera 11.60 Codenamed "Tunny" Released & Major Security Holes Fixed

Opera 11.60 Final Version code named "Tunny" has been released by Opera Software. Opera 11.60 boasts three major new features, including revamped Address Bar, browser engine and mail client. Opera, which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, has long been regarded as a pioneer when it comes to the web browser -- it was the first to introduce tabbed browsing, for example, and is still the only major browser to also include a mail client.
The Address Bar has been revamped to provide an experience similar to rival browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in providing helpful suggestions as the user starts typing into the Address field. Version 11.60 also introduces a new shortcut, courtesy of a clickable star, to the Address Bar that makes it quick and easy to add the current web page to your Speed Dial or bookmarks menu.
Opera 11.60′s most visible new features are in the mail client’s extensive redesign, which Opera claims brings it in line with the browser’s "featherweight design aesthetic" The layout is cleaner, and messages are now grouped together by date, with options for grouping them by unread or pinned status, or not at all. Messages can also be pinned via a single click, with the pinning mapped to the IMAP \Flagged feature, ensuring compatibility with other IMAP clients, including Gmail’s Starred message status. The Mail toolbars have been simplified and redesigned icons coupled with easier access to the settings dialog (click the new Wrench button) provide weight to Opera’s claim that this makes the client easier to navigate and more intuitive to use. 
In this release opera updated addresses a vulnerability affecting some two- and three-letter top-level domains (TLD) that could allow cookies to be set for the TLD itself; these cookies could then be read by other sites using that TLD. A problem related to a weakness in the SSL v3.0 and TLS 1.0 specifications which could be used for eavesdropping attacks against some applications, and a cross-domain information leakage problem in the JavaScript "in" operator, have also been fixed.
In addition to the security fixes, Opera 11.60 has a new HTML engine that should, according to its developers, improve loading time for a majority of web sites, including pages using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. Other changes include a completely revamped built-in mail client (M2) that's said to be easier to setup and use, and improvements to the address (URL) field to allow users to quickly add their favourite sites to the browser's Speed Dial.

To Download Opera 11.60 For Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD & Solaris Click Here


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