Spy Files By Wikileaks Said Government Using Malware For Surveillance

The latest round of documents published by Wikileaks offers a rare glimpse into the world of surveillance products. The collection—which Wikileaks calls the Spy Files—includes confidential brochures and slide presentations that companies use to market intrusive surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies. The documents published by Wikileaks include 287 files that describe products from 160 companies. The group says that these files are only the first set of a larger collection and that more will be published in the future. The project is being carried out in collaboration with activist groups such as Privacy International and press organizations such as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Washington Post.
"[The surveillance industry] is, in practice, unregulated. Intelligence agencies, military forces, and police authorities are able to silently, and on mass, and [sic] secretly intercept calls and take over computers without the help or knowledge of the telecommunication providers," wrote Wikileaks in its report.
 "In the last ten years systems for indiscriminate, mass surveillance have become the norm."
Surveillance products revealed in the Spy Files cover a wide range of different communication technologies. Many are designed to circumvent standard privacy and security safeguards in mainstream consumer technology products so that they can collect as much data as possible. Some are even deliberately programmed to operate like malware.
The software will capture the content of encrypted communications—including instant messaging conversations, e-mails, and the user's Web activity—and will relay the data to the party conducting surveillance. The software also includes key logging, remote file access, and has the ability to capture screenshots. The company cites "zero day exploits" and "social engineering" in a bulleted list of ways that its remote forensic software can be installed on the computer of a surveillance target.

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