Anonymous Declared Operation Italy (#OpItaly)

Hactivist Anonymous vows that they will hit the Govt. of Italy (#OpItaly). As per press release of Anon the target is WWW.ITALIA.GOV.IT ON AT 14:00 GMT (15:00 - ROME). "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have Chosen the side of the oppressor" Anonymous added.

Anonymous Press Release:-

"For the attention of the citizens of the world:
After almost a year since the attack on the government, we're back.
Demos ocracy was called away in Greece.
We lived in the conviction to live in a democracy and as citizens it is our right and duty to cooperate to make it better. Why FREEDOM 'is participation.
The new government was presented with the appearance of those frigid, having never practiced the policy should be free from the temptations that we know Italian well. Waving words long coveted as equity, social justice and discipline. Well he has not yet seen such a shadow, except the attitude with which you present to the media. Know that you are under observation by many, and that it will take four good intentions.
Banks and speculators have caused the financial crisis and now men of these criminal associations of financial press have been placed at the head of governments to solve the problem they themselves created.
We want to give a signal for all to the good intentions and promises of social justice so that they are maintained and restored parliamentary democracy, now replaced by a gerontocracy of bankers.
Increasingly invasive media have made us slaves of power, plagiarizing our families, making us more and more spectators and less involved in decision making in the public interest. Anonymous and free and all citizens will be aware not to look.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not condone.
We will not forget.


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