DEFT 7 RC1 Linux- For Computer & Mobile Forensic

Good news for all those who are passion in cyber forensic. Now you have another Linux distribution named DEFT 7 RC1. Its  is a new concept of Computer Forensic live system that uses LXDE as desktop environment and thunar file manager and mount manager as tool for device management. It is a very easy to use system that includes an excellent hardware detection and the best free and open source applications dedicated to incident response and computer forensics. This can be considered as a very stable DEFT version as it has been duly tested on Lenovo, DELL, ASUS, Acer, Apple, IBM laptops, IBM and DELL servers as well as Acer, Lenovo and Dell desktop PCs. This DEFT Linux release will also add more support for mobile forensics. It now contains several tools that allow you to analyze files and databases used in new generation smartphones (Android and iPhone). There has also been a complete review of reporting functionalities - KeepNote - an excellent tool that allows the logical organization of collected evidences.

Main Features:-
  • Based on Lubuntu 11.10
  • Installable Distro
  • Linux kernel 3.0.0-12, USB 3 ready
  • Libewf 20100226
  • Afflib 3.6.14
  • TSK 3.2.3
  • Autopsy 2.24
  • Digital Forensic Framework 1.2
  • PTK Forensic 1.0.5 DEFT edition
  • Maltego CE
  • KeepNote 0.7.6
  • Xplico 0.7.1
  • Scalpel 2
  • Hunchbackeed Foremost 0.6
  • Findwild 1.3
  • Bulk Extractor 1.1
  • Emule Forensic 1.0
  • Guymager 0.6.3-1
  • Dhash 2
  • Cyclone wizard acquire tool
  • SQLite Database Browser 2.0b1
  • BitPim 1.0.7
  • Bbwhatsapp database converter
  • Creepy 0.1.9
  • Hydra 7.1
  • Log2timeline 0.60
  • Wine 1.3.28

To Download DEFT Linux 7 RC1 Click Here 


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