Anonymous Hit Brazil Govt. #OpMegaupload Continues

 Anonymous Hit Brazil Govt. #OpMegaupload Continues
Operation Megaupload (#OpMegaupload) continues. This operation was started by Hacktivist Anonymous while protesting against the shutting down of Web’s most popular site Megaupload By Federal authorities. In the 1st payback Anon bring down US Dept. Of Justice, FBI & many other federal authorities sites. And that attack was considered as the "Largest Attack Ever" where 5,635 Anon people bring down the websites of Universal Music, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Recording Industry Association of America while using one of the world's most popular and vastly used DDoSer LOIC. 
But yet its not over Anonymous attacked websites of Brazil's federal district and Tangara da Serra city to protest the forced closure of Anonymous posted messages on Twitter describing attacks against hundreds of Brazilian sites that share the URL ',' which are owned by the government of the federal capital in Rio de Janeiro. The Federal District press office denied Saturday that the hackers succeeded in shutting down the websites. The hackers did succeed in shutting down the website of popular Brazilian singer Paula Fernandes. They posted the image of a grim-faced joker with a message saying, "If Megaupload is down, you are down too."

In a statistic it is found that Since Last week more than 66,500 people from different part of the world have downloaded LOIC and taken part in #OpMegaupload 

Anonymous Message:- 


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