Hackers Hit DreamHost, Password Changes Made Mandatory After The Breach

Hackers Hit DreamHost, Password Changes Made Mandatory By The Company After The Breach

Yet another victim targeted by hackers. This time the target was Los Angeles-based hosting provider DreamHost, a provider of shared and dedicated hosting. The company isn’t divulging much information as to the nature of the hack, beyond that they “don’t have evidence that customer passwords were taken at this time”. Still, they’re requiring password resets for all Shell/FTP accounts (read: not the account that DreamHost customers use to login to the billing/backend system, but the user accounts they use to access and maintain their actual websites.) for what seems to be all DreamHost customers. If you find yourself having trouble logging into your DreamHost FTP accounts today, it’s because your password has already been disabled.
Unfortunately, DreamHost is not alone among an epidemic of intrusions by hackers in recent days; shoe retailer Zappos had an intrusion issue about a week ago where user information was exposed. Also if you dig the decent history you will find big data breaches, security breaches and many more.

According to DreamHost’s Status Blog:-
"Last night we detected some unauthorized activity within one of our databases. While we don’t have evidence that customer passwords were taken at this time, we’re forcing a change out of caution. Please login to our web panel and change any passwords you may have with us. We’ll keep this post updated as we get more information."
According to their last official update DreamHost said that the security issue has been resolved. Brian H official authority of DreamHost said "We’re going to set this post to resolved. We have been sending out update emails to every account owner we have, letting them know what happened, and how to proceed from here on out. As a precaution, we advise every user to change all email passwords as well. We are not forcing this change, however, so make sure you take care of that ASAP."


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