Brazil Govt. Again Under Cyber Attack By Anonymous (#OpMegaupload)

Brazil Govt. Again Under Cyber Attack By Anonymous (#OpMegaupload)
Brazil govt is facing massive cyber attack. Guess who is behind this, yes you are absolutely right its Hacktivist Anonymous again. Operation Megaupload (#OpMegaupload) continues. In this attack they have bring down many Govt sites of Brazil including Portal Brasil, BOA VISTA ONLINE, Senado Federal, City Of South Flor da Serra, Good Fishing - Sports & Adventure, E-GOVERNANCE, City of St. John d'Alliance, Prefecture TabapuĆ£, Mikrocenter | Provider Access Internet Via Radio and so on. According to the twitter account of Anonymous & Anon Leader Sabu there are mainly 2 guys conducting this cyber attack & they are Havittaja and hard AnonymousBr.
Earlier this week Anonymous attacked websites of Brazil's federal district and Tangara da Serra city to protest the forced closure of We also like to give you remember that this operation started because Federal Authority has shutdown megaupload and in payback Anon bring down US Dept. Of Justice, FBI & many other federal authorities sites. Anonymous hit CBS broadcasting in that attack they have gained full access on the CBS server and deleted everything. Also another hacker group named Underground Nazi also contributed in #OpMegaupload while hacking into the official website of UFC.  Then the turn of #Antisec came and they have hacked U.S. Government IT Security Website OnGuardOnline. We must have say that #OpMegaupload is one of the biggest and continues operation ever took place in the cyber space where the whole world has contributed. The main object of this operation is to protest SOPA and PIPA bills. In this protest Federal Authorities, Many Govt bodies and other very important and high profile sites who ware supporting SOPA have been damaged very badly. 


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