FBI Partner InfraGard Hacked Again By #Anonymous (#FFF)

FBI Partner InfraGard Hacked Again By #Anonymous (#FuckFBIFriday
It seems that this week #FuckFBIFriday rampage of Anonymous is really on the high node. In this week #FFF they have given two big boom. The 1st one was the hack of US Prison Contractor Site and the second one is FBI affiliated InfraGard. Earlier Lulzsec hit the InfraGard  and they breached the digital security perimeter surrounding the Atlanta chapter of Infragard, took complete control of the site, defaced it and leaked the local user base. So this is the second time when InfraGard became the target of Hactivist. According to AnonymousIRC twitter "#FFF FBI-INFRAGARD ROOTED AGAIN. ONE MORE TIME. FOR THE LULZ. infragard.dayton.oh.us #Anonymous #AntiSec #LulzSec #OWS" 
The message on the deface page was saying - "Today we targeted the Dayton Ohio chapter of InfraGard, the sinister alliance between law enforcement, corporations, and white hat wannabees. We broke into their webserver, perused their assorted presentation materials, and finally deleted everything and vandalized their website so we can boost our zone-h rankings..." 
So for #FFF the list of victims are increasing, in the last Friday they have breached the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Server and hacked the official website of U.S. Federal Trade Commission, consumer rights, & National Consumer Protection Week. Also one week before for Friday rampage Anonymous released sensitive conference call between FBI & Scotland Yard. Now the name of US Prison Contractor & Infragard are also enlisted. 


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