Anonymous Hacked 2,725 Emails Of Tunisia's Ruling Party Ennahda & Prime Minister

Anonymous Hacked 2,725 Emails Of Tunisia's Ruling Party Ennahda  & Prime Minister of Tunisia
A hacker group named Anonymous Tunisia (Anonymous TN) claimed that it has hacked over 2,725 emails belonging to Tunisia's ruling Ennahda party, including those of the prime minister, in the latest challenge to the Islamist-led government. The activist said the emails include phone numbers, bank transactions and invoices paid during Tunisia's election campaign in October, in which Ennahda won more than 40 percent of parliament seats, going on to lead the government. One of the emails was from Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, a senior Ennahda official, to the Turkish embassy, attaching Foreign Minister Rafik Abdesslem's CV. According to a YouTube video posted by the hacker group said the emails were released in protest against Ennahda's alleged failure to protect the unemployed and artists who were attacked by Salafi Islamists during a recent protest. 
"To the Tunisian government, we have kept a large part of your data secret. If you do not wish to see these published on the internet we ask you to work to the best of your ability to avoid internet censorship and to respect human rights and the freedom of expression in Tunisia," the activist said. Government officials declined detailed comment on the security breach but said many of the emails appeared to be old. 
Earlier in 2011 hacker from Anonymous has took down several govt. websites of Tunisia. Also few months ago a hacker from hacker collective Anonymous named CaliforniaKB took responsibility of hacking into the Hizb ut-Tahrir -Tunisian Islamist Liberation Party official website. This hack was a part of Operation Tunisia (#OpTunisia). If you talk about mail hack then we would like to give you reminder that couple of months ago Anonymous has hacked into the Syrian President Bashar Assad's E-mail-Id & exposed all the details. Also few weeks ago another hacktvist group named Teamgreyhat has hacked into the email id of Bangladesh Prime Minister.


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