Philippine National Police (PNP) Adopted Standard Cybercrime Investigation Format

Philippine National Police (PNP) Adopted Standard Cybercrime Investigation Format 

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has adopted standard cybercrime investigation format for conducting "digital forensic examinations" to deal with digital threats like hacking, online pornography and fraud. According to press release of PNP- Cyber crimes such as hacking, pornography and fraud became more prevalent since computers are easily accessed. Digital forensics is the skill to recover and investigate on materials or evidences found in digital devices such as cellphones and computers. The technical aspect of investigation involved computer, network, database and mobile device forensics. The Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management has adopted a standard format that should be followed by PNP investigative units when requesting for the conduct of digital forensic examination. The format consists of seven (7) sections: Type of Request; Case Information; Court/Suspects/s Information; Evidence Information (which specify the items to be examined and special handling of the evidence); Services Requested; and Requesting Investigator/Investigator on Case. These items will provide sufficient information that will meet the requirements of digital forensic examination.
Women and Child Pornography is handled with extreme sensitivity, during the course of an examination, the examiner will duplicate the computer hard drive and will remove all the child pornography materials on the original hard drive which will remain on-site or will be returned to the victim or suspect when required. This is in adherence to protect the human rights of women and children who are vulnerable to this unlawful activity. The conduct of more reliable and efficient digital forensic examination is standardized to highlight the PNP’s effort to alleviate transnational and cyber crime in every community. And more so, the system will assure the safety and security of the public in this modern day innovation. The standard format posted at the DIDM website and also was forwarded to different units/offices that frequently seeks assistance from CIDG for digital forensic examination on their collected evidence of cyber crime cases.

-Source (PNP)


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