FBI Arrested Anonymous Hacker After Posting Girlfriend's Abusive Photo

FBI Arrested Anonymous Hacker After Posting Girlfriend's Abusive Photo 
FBI arrested  a 30-year-old computer programmer from Galveston named Higinio O. Ochoa III, who is widely known as @AnonW0rmer. He was active member of Anonymous affiliated 'CabinCr3w' He made a mistake that probably makes his fellow hackers cringe at the stupidity of it. Taunting law enforcement, he posted a photo of his girlfriend from the neck down, breasts pushed up with a sign taped to her saying ''PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u B****'s!' 
Trouble is, the photo was taken with an iPhone...with GPS co-ordinates embedded in the photo. The FBI said it confirmed the identity of Ochoa, who calls himself 'w0rmer' online and is a member of 'CabinCr3w', an offshoot of hacking group Anonymous. GPS co-ordinates embedded in the photo - as are found in all pictures taken by a smartphone - showed authorities the exact street and house in Wantirna South, Melbourne where it was taken. Different tweets from @Anonw0rmer pointed to other sites referring to 'w0rmer', including one which had Ochoa's name with it and more pictures of his girlfriend. Authorities then found Ochoa's Facebook page, on which he named Kylie Gardner from Australia as his girlfriend. The FBI was then satisfied she was the woman in the photo taken in South Wantirna. Even though the breasts photo does not show the woman's face, the FBI is convinced it is the same woman. They add it is definitive proof that Ochoa is w0rmer.  
In a post allegedly written by Ochoa on Pastebin, he said 'around 8 agents from the FBI stormed my apartment'. He was taken to an FBI office in Houston where he paid a $50,000 bail. Ochoa appeared in court on April 10 before a magistrate, where the photograph evidence above was revealed in the FBI's affidavit. It comes a month after former Lulzsec leader and Anonymous member Sabu was revealed as an FBI informant. But in the Pastebin post, Ochoa claimed he was not guilty of the same betrayal.
He wrote: 'I did tell FBI that I would participate in the capture of my fellow crew mates, a play which undoubtfully both satisfied and confused the FBI. Those however who know me best would vouch for me undoutfully that doing so would put this movement at risk. ALL information provided to the FBI merely made MY case weaker and caused internal confusion showing the inherent weakness in the system.'


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