Linux Kernel 3.4 First Release Candidate (rc1) Available For Testing

Linux Kernel 3.4 First Release Candidate (rc1) Available For Testing
Couple of weeks ago we got Linux Kernel 3.3 final. Just after two weeks of this release Linus Torvaldas announced the immediate availability of the the first release candidate (rc1) of Linux Kernel 3.4. According to the release note by Torvaldas - "If you actually counted, it has only been 13 days. And if somebody delayed their pull request until the last day of the merge window, I'm sure they'll be even happier to delay it another two months until the next merge window. Yay! That said, there are four pull requests in my mailbox that weren't delayed, and that I will (probably) still pull, but that I wanted to get extra confirmation from *other* maintainers from first. So they were sent in time, I just decided that I can make the actual pull choice a bit later.

The four remaining pull requests (and the people I want comments from) are:-

  • HSI (High Speed Synchronous Serial Interface)- framework. I'm planning on pulling this into 3.4, it's in my queue, but I wanted to bring it up one more time in case somebody has issues with it. Ping?
  • pohmelfs- The old pohmelfs got deleted from staging, there's an all-new one waiting in the sidelines. Al was a bit unhappy about some of it, Evgeniy fixed it up some, and then the discussion died. Again, I'm likely to pull this, but I wanted more commentary on it.
  • drm- dma-buf prime support. Dave Airlie sent me the pull request but didn't push very hard for it, it's in my "ok, I can still pull it for 3.4 if individual DRM driver people tell me that it will make their lives easier." So this is in limbo - I have nothing against it, but I won't pull unless I get a few people say "yes, please".
  • DMA-mapping framework- The tree now has a few more acks from people, and it's largely in the same situation as HSI is: I'll probably pull, but I really wanted the users who are impacted to actually talk to me about it."
To Download Linux 3.4-rc1 Click Here


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