Russian Hacker Petr Murmylyuk Charged For Hacking Millions of Dollar & Stealing Identity

Russian Hacker Petr Murmylyuk Charged For Hacking Millions of Dollar & Stealing Identity 
The U.S. Justice Department charged a Russian, currently living at New-York for his alleged role in a ring that stolen roughly $1 million by hacking into retail brokerage accounts and executing sham trades. Petr Murmylyuk aka “Dmitry Tokar,” 31, of Brooklyn, N.Y., is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, as well as unauthorized access to computers, and securities fraud. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is also filing a parallel civil action. Beginning in late 2010, Murmylyuk worked with others to steal from online trading accounts at Scottrade, E*Trade, Fidelity, Schwab and other brokerage firms. Members of the ring first gained unauthorized access to the online accounts and changed the phone numbers and email addresses on file to prevent notice of unauthorized trading from going to the victims.
Once the hackers controlled the accounts, they used stolen identities to open additional accounts at other brokerage houses. They then caused the victims’ accounts to make unprofitable and illogical securities trades with the new accounts that benefitted the hackers. One version of the fraud involved causing the victims’ accounts to sell options contracts to the accounts, then to purchase the same contracts back minutes later for up to nine times the price.
In another version of the fraud, they used the accounts to offer short sales of securities at prices well over market price and to force the victim accounts to make irrational purchases. Murmylyuk and a conspirator recruited foreign nationals visiting, studying, and living in the United States – including Russian nationals and Houston residents Anton Mezentsev, Galina Korelina, Mikhail Shatov and others – to open bank accounts into which illegal proceeds could be deposited. Murmylyuk and the conspirator then caused the proceeds of the sham trades to be transferred from the brokerage accounts into the bank accounts, where the stolen money could be withdrawn.
Fidelity, Scottrade, E*Trade, and Schwab have reported combined losses to date of approximately $1 million as a result of the fraudulent schemes. Murmylyuk is also accused of placing a telephone call to Trade Station Securities in which he claimed to be “Dmitry Tokar,” through whose brokerage account the ring placed approximately $200,000 in fraudulent securities trades. Murmylyuk was arrested in Brooklyn on November 3, 2011, in possession of a laptop that evidenced the fraud.

-Source (On Wallstreet)


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