"The World Tomorrow" - Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange TV Show

"The World Tomorrow" - Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange TV Show
Do you want to catch Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, if the answer is yes then a golden opportunity is coming for you. In a CNN report it has been come to light that Julian Assange plans to debut a talk show, "The World Tomorrow," on Russia's state-funded television network next week. Assange and RT, an English-language international satellite news channel, would not release the guest lineup in advance, but hinted that the first interview would be controversial. WikiLeaks has asked followers on Twitter if they can guess the show's first guest. "Any bets on who The World Tomorrow's first mystery guest(s) are?" it tweeted.
"You've been waiting and we've been teasing," said RT's website of the show, which will also be released online. The talk show set for launch Tuesday is creating a stir in global media circles. Commentators outside Russia have questioned the apparent link the show creates between Assange and the Kremlin, given RT's government-funded status.
It is unclear how or from where Assange, who is under house arrest in the United Kingdom while fighting extradition to Sweden, will present the show. Assange, in the online trailer, says that the experience of interviewing guests -- described by RT as opinion formers, some of them dissidents -- while under house arrest brings a different dimension to the process. "RT is rallying a global audience of open-minded people who question what they see in mainstream media and we are proud to premiere Julian Assange's new project," Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said in a statement on the television network's website.
"We provided Julian a platform to reach the world and gave him total editorial freedom. He is absolutely the right person to bring alternative opinions to our viewers around the globe." "The World Tomorrow" will be broadcast [simultaneously] on three RT channels, in English, Arabic and Spanish.
The WikiLeaks website for "The World Tomorrow" said Friday there would be 12 shows in total, each featuring a 26-minute edited interview. "RT is the first broadcast licensee of the show, but has not been involved in the production process. All editorial decisions have been made by Julian Assange," the website said. 
Last two big bang from Wikileaks was Spy Files where he said that Govt is using Malware For Surveillance.  Spy Files—includes confidential brochures and slide presentations that companies use to market intrusive surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies. The documents published by Wikileaks include 287 files that describe products from 160 companies. Few months ago Wikileaks released 5 Million emails from Stratfor Global Intelligence, which was named GI Files (Global Intelligence Files) 


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