Zero-day Vulnerability in "Cloud" Revealed at TakeDown Conference

 Zero-Day Vulnerability in "Cloud" Revealed at TakeDown Conference
Almost every IT companies across the globe acknowledging "Cloud" technology to store large amount of data while reducing the cost. Also almost 99% of them assumes that data is being stored offsite it is securely preserved and they no longer have to worry about risk. But this assumption proved wrong when security experts at TechDown Conference reveled zero-day vulnerability in Cloud. “Au contraire. Risk cannot be outsourced,” says professional ethical hacker, Dave Chronister of Parameter Security (St. Louis, MO). Mr. Chronister went onto say, “It’s because of this mindset that hackers are preying upon the cloud and are gaining control of huge stores of information through a single attack” - which is exactly what Mr. Chronister recently did. Mr. Chronister went onto say, “During a recent cloud security audit, I was able to identify a zero day exploit and within minutes gained access to the cloud sphere and every system that was on that cloud—giving me complete control. Needless to say, the client was shocked because they were touting their cloud offering as 100% secure.”
Bringing his real-world cloud hacking experience to event goers at TakeDownCon in Dallas in May, his presentation entitled The Cloud is a Smoke Screen provides eye-opening information about the false sense of security cloud providers and users possess. Specifically, Chronister’s presentation will:-
  • Expose various cloud vulnerabilities
  • Address cloud security issues
  • Provide insight into selecting cloud providers and questions to ask with     regards to data security, risk and incident response
  • Offer ways to successfully implement your own cloud solution and mitigate risk
  • Share his real-world experiences hacking multiple cloud environments
  • And much more

-Source (TechDown)


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