Hackers Breached The Security System of Ministry of Defence (MoD)

Hackers Breached The Security System of Ministry of Defence (MoD) 

Couple of days ago we have seen  Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) had become the victim of denial of service attack. And now its the turn of MoD. The military's head of cyber-security has revealed that hackers have managed to breach some of the top secret systems within the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Major General Jonathan Shaw told - "The number of serious incidents is quite small, but it is there," he said. "And those are the ones we know about. The likelihood is there are problems in there we don't know about." Government computer systems come under daily attack, but though Shaw would not say how or by whom, this is the first admission that the MoD's own systems have been breached.
A former director of UK special forces, Shaw, 54, said he thought the military could learn a trick or two from firms such as Facebook. The company has a "white hat" programme in which hackers are paid rewards for informing them when they have found a security vulnerability.
Nine people in the UK have been paid a total of $11,000 for working with Facebook. Shaw said this was the kind of "waacky idea we need to bring in".
Shaw has spent the last year reviewing the MoD's approach to cyber-security, and the kind of cyber-capability the military will need in the future.
He says next year's MoD budget is expected to include new money for cyber-defence – an acknowledgment that even during a time of redundancies and squeezed budgets, this is now a priority.
The general said the MoD wasn't "doing badly … but we could do a hell of a lot better. We will get there, but we will have to do it fast. I think it was a surprise to people this year quite how vulnerable we are, which is why the measures have survived so long in the [budget] because people have become aware of the vulnerabilities and are taking them seriously." 
Shaw said the number of attacks was "still on an upward curve … and the pace of change is unrelenting". In his last interview before retiring, Shaw said the UK had to develop an array of its own cyber-weapons because it was impossible to create entirely secure computer systems.

-Source (Guardian)


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