Aakash 2 “World’s Cheapest Tablet” Ready For Release With Handy Features

Aakash 2 “World’s Cheapest Tablet” Ready For Release With Many Handy Features 

Earlier in October, 2011 the long awaited 'Aakash' came in front of us and after the countdown in December last year UbiSlate 7, the upgraded version of Aakash finally made available for online booking. After a huge success now  HRD Minister of India Mr. Kapil Sibal has unveiled a new version of the "world's cheapest tablet computer" - widely known as "Aakash 2".  The device, primarily for students, is to be sold for 2,263 rupees ($40; £26). It has a faster processor, longer battery life and more programming capability than an earlier version.
“Unlike other tablet devices, Aakash can also be used to create computer programs, in Python, C, C++ and Scilab,” - said Kapil Sibal, adding that the tablet can be further used for accessing e-governance services. The government has approved the specifications of the upgraded version of the tablets submitted by Datawind, to IIT-Bombay for testing. “The government has approved the specifications,” Datawind CEO Sunit Singh Tuli confirmed. The Aakash 2 sample devices are now being tested, with manufacturing projected to start by July or August. Like its predecessor, the Aakash 2 allows users to watch online tutorials and videos, browse the internet and play games. "It's a fully-fledged computer, not just an access device," said Prof DB Phatak from Bombay IIT. "The applications and the content on Aakash 2 are most important, not just the device." The new version of the Aakash tablet has an 800Mhz processing speed, a three-hour battery life and operates on the latest Android software. It also has an SD card slot, a USB port and works over wi-fi. It does not have 3G capability, however, so users need access to a good internet connection. Bombay IIT has developed new apps like interactive class quiz programme Clicker and Sci-lab, which allows students to conduct interactive classes. For detailed information about "Aakash" click here

-Source (BBC, Hindustan Times)


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