Israel Ministry of Finance Unit (Lehava) Hacked By Hitcher

Israel Ministry of Finance Unit (Lehava) Hacked By Hitcher To Protest Against Mr.Badoo's Arrest By FBI

The official website of Governament of Israel's Ministry of Finance Unit (Lehava) get hacked. According to sources a Well-known Pakistani hacker code named Hitcher from a hacker collective group Pak Cyber Force (PCF) was behind this attack. Though the hacker did not change the index page but he managed to gain access on the Lehava's web-server and uploaded his page which is clearly showing the reason of this hack. The hacker has also created a deface mirror on Zone-Hack. We also like to give you reminder that earlier in this year Hitcher also hacked Amitec- one of the top IT innovative company of Israel

Message of the Hacker:- 

"Site is Defaced In Protest of Ali Hassan aka Mr.Badoo Arrested By FBI 
His Chargers was hacking into PC of Andy who create any event of drawing Prophet Muhammad’s(SAW).
He hacked Andy account and remove that event from facebook
His Protest of Hack was Postive Just to Stop That events and His Message was clear That Respect each other and Each other Religion Too He neither Public Andy Data and personal info ..."

Hitcher also vows to engage more cyber attack while saying "This Hack is just A Protest We want Him Free, and Its Just a trailer..". Hitcher is widely known for defacing high profile websites, Here I am mentioning a few of  his activities & high profile hack wasOfficial website of one of KingFisher Airline, United Bank of IndiaIDBI PaisabuilderCentral Statistical Agency of Ethiopia & 100+ Chinese Govt Websites & many more. 


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