(Facebook Downtime) Users Faced Log-in Difficulties, FB Said -Outage Was Not Caused By Anonymous

(Facebook Downtime) Users Faced Log-in Difficulties, FB Said -Outage Was Not Caused By Anonymous
On first of June millions of Facebook users faced disturbance while using their favourite social network. Facebook users across the globe experienced log-in difficulties for several hour. For a site with 900 million users worldwide, even a minor outage has a huge effect, especially amidst criticism of the Facebook IPO. The outage may have caused Facebook’s share price to go down 5.95 percent this morning. The simple event was a tweet sent out by @YourAnonNews after the news broke that Facebook was having problems. The account appeared to claim responsibility for the attacks. Anonymous had made two tweets with regard to Facebook’s latest troubles, whereby one read as follows: “Looks like good old Facebook is having packet problems” to indicate that the shadows surrounding the calamitous IPO is not the only quandary, but a number of them. The second indecent tweet read, “RIP Facebook a new sound of tango down, b—–*."
Later hacker collective Anonymous has released a statement denying responsibility for Thursday’s Facebook slowdown and agreeing withe the Menlo Park company that there was in fact no attack at all. 
What ever the main twist is that Facebook completely denies the rumour that Anon was behind the downtime. In a statement FB said "Last night’s outage was not the result of a DDoS.” There was no attack on Facebook last Thursday. The company suffered from an internal problem that slowed down user’s connections and refused access to many of them. It doesn’t happen often but it happens often enough that it was a possibility. In the press release Facebook spokesman said, “Earlier today, some users briefly experienced issues loading the site. The issues have since been resolved and everyone should now have access to Facebook. We apologize for any inconvenience.” This is a public apology to its esteemed customers.
Being a responsible media its our duty to refresh the memory of our readers. In 2011 Anonymous openly declared to take down Facebook. The operation was dubbed #Op-Facebook and Anonymous told that they will hit FB on the 5th of November last year. But in reality it was just a threat and as expected Anonymous failed to execute Operation Facebook. 


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