Fedora 18 Added UEFI Secure Boot (Security-Key Purchased From Microsoft)

Fedora 18 Added UEFI Secure Boot (Security-Key Purchased From Microsoft)
Many of us knows that Microsoft has been pushing hardware vendors for Secure UEFI as part of Windows 8. The tldr version of UEFI is that it's secure encryption on the physical hardware at the pre-boot layer. Basically in order to boot the hardware will have to have a secure key. But while making UEFI a very basic problem arose and that is it won't easily allow people to load Linux. To get rid of this burning issue Red Hat's Fedora Linux has a solution and it's not one that is entirely satisfactory. Fedora will buy a key via Microsoft that will enable it to run. This is the solution now being offered up by Fedora developer Matthew Garret (and his blog post has fantastic details about the whole concept and the deliberation)
The key costs $99 and the funds go to VeriSign (though hardware signing is done via Microsoft). The problem of course is that Fedora will perhaps be tied to Microsoft's Secure UEFI efforts in order to enable Linux on new hardware. The bigger problem would be if Secure UEFI wasn't dealt with and Linux wouldn't run on new hardware at all.
After eliminating options of creating their own Fedora key or an overall Linux key as too complex or costly, Garrett says they have decided to opt for the "least worst" option; have Microsoft sign Fedora. So for $99, Microsoft offer a signing service and this should ensure compatibility with a wide range of hardware. "If there are better options then we haven't found them" he added.


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