C&C Servers of World's Third Largest Spam Botnet "Grum" Been Knocked Down

C&C Servers of World's Third Largest Spam Botnet "Grum" Been Knocked Down

Researcher get another big success by taking down two of the command and control(C&C) servers belong to  the world's largest spam botnet named "Grum". Though  this is not complete victory, as there are still two other C&C servers are currently working actively, but researchers are very much optimistic that the volume of spam will drop this take down. 
Atif Mushtaq, senior staff scientist at security firm FireEye, said in a blog post that the botnet known as Grum drew its last dying breath on Wednesday, after six servers in Ukraine and one in Russia were shut down. In a tense faceoff with whitehats, the botnet operators had deployed those servers following the disconnection earlier this week of separate servers in the Netherlands and Panama. Faced with the threat of losing a 100,000-computer network that generated an estimated 18 billion spam messages a day, the Grum operators were desperately trying to transition to those machines when they stopped working.

"Grum's takedown resulted from the efforts of many individuals," Mushtaq wrote. "This collaboration is sending a strong message to all the spammers: 'Stop sending us spam. We don't need your cheap Viagra or fake Rolex. Do something else, work in a Subway or McDonalds, or sell hotdogs, but don't send us spam." We would also like to give you reminder that, this year Microsoft closed two C&C server of Zeus, another dangerous botnet. Also researcher from different parts of the world have unveiled the mystery of few other botnets like Bredolab, Rustock, Duqu and so on. 


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