Wikipedia Will Go Dark (Blackout) in Russia to Protest Censorship (Act for Information)

Wikipedia Will Go Dark (Blackout) in Russia to Protest Censorship (Act for Information)

All of us must know that near about six months ago Wikipedia goes offline or in other word Wikipedia gone dark (black out) globally for 24 hours, while showing a massive Web protest in the U.S. over the proposed anti-piracy laws SOPA and PIPA. Yet again it's stepping up again in a major Internet revolt against online censorship in Russia. According to sources the Russian government is currently exploring amendments to the “Act for information”. The proposed changes to the law could lead to sweeping censorship of the Internet, including the complete closure of Wikipedia in Russia
In addition to the proposed amendments to the "Act for Information," the government is also mulling over another bill that harkens back to the country's Soviet past with harsh censorship crackdowns. Under the draft bill, all Web sites that contain pornography or drug references, or that promote suicide or other "extremist ideas," will purportedly face blacklisting. These new laws come in the wake of an online uprising that happened before the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin in May. During these protests, thousands of people took to writing on blogs and social networks demanding a new ballot after claims of rigged votes and electoral corruption during Putin's election.
Wikipedia posted a statement in Russian and asking for everyone’s help by sharing this link and spreading the word about what’s going on. The amendments are being read today and if they’re accepted then a date will be chosen that could in essence, wipe Wikipedia off of the Internet in Russia.

Message of Wikipedia to the World:- 
"Lobbyists and activists supporting the amendments, argue that they are directed exclusively against the content such as child pornography "and things like that," but to follow the provisions and wording to be discussed, will result in the creation of a Russian analogue of the "Great Chinese Firewall." The practice of law, which exists in Russia, says a high probability of worst-case scenario, in which access to Wikipedia was soon to be closed across the country."

-Source (Insider & Cnet)


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