Anonymous Hacked Trinamool Congress Website & Posted A Fake Message

Anonymous Hacked Trinamool Congress Website & Posted A Fake Message

Just few hours before the 66th Independence day of India, the official website of AITMC- All India Trinamul Congress, current ruling party of West-Bengal get hacked and the Archive page which records important announcements made by chief minister of West Bengal & Party Chairman Mamata Banerjee get defaced. Infamous hacker collective group Anonymous took responsibility of this hack. 
One of the hacker announced the hack publicly on twitter while saying- "At last a world leader listens to anonymous and decides to make great changes Mamata Banerjee Confesses :… WE LOVE DIDI". As per sources the hacker broke into the TMC's server, gained access on the website and posted a fake announcement :-
“I AM A MAOIST at heart and  always have been, It always pained me to speak and act against the ideology that I myself loved so much. I also appologize to the people whom I have hurt, The artist who tried to speak the truth, the writers who saw the right thing and every and any person who  tried to tell me I was going in the wrong direction, I am at your feet asking you to forgive me for the misguided acts I have done In life,”

Team VOGH took the above screen shot was taken from TMC's website, at the time when it was hacked. 
The hacker group also made the effort of giving a link to a morphed image of Mamata Banerjeeand a link to another document. For privacy reason we can't mention the link here. Trinamool's cyber team removed the offensive post within few minutes. According to the party's spokes man -"TMC website was hacked at 7.30 pm and detected within six minutes by the party's cyber team that works round-the-clock , updating the site every 15 minutes." Also the Party have lodged a complaint, immediately after the mishap. 
This hack is not the very first attack on TMC, earlier in this year (At the time of Indo-BD Cyber-War)  Bangladeshi hackers have hacked and defaced the index page of TMC's official website. We would also like to give you reminder that, Mamata Banerjee is not the first victim, In 2011Pak Hacker named KhantastiC haXor penetrated the official site of Indian Congress and defaced the Profile page of Party President Sonia Gandhi Also few other Pakistan hackers in early 2011 have hacked the official website of All India CongressBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and so on. 


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