Oracle Released Emergency Update to Patch Java 0day (CVE-2012-4681)

Oracle Released Emergency Update to Patch Java 0day (CVE-2012-4681)

Zero-day vulnerabilities in Java, which was on the spotlight for last few days; takes a new direction. Several security firms have already declared that, this newly found Java exploit had been added to Blackhole, a popular hacker's tool that bundles numerous exploits and tries each in turn until it finds one that will work against a personal computer. As expected  Oracle has released an emergency update to address those zero-day vulnerabilities. This Security Alert addresses security issues CVE-2012-4681 (US-CERT Alert TA12-240A and Vulnerability Note VU#636312) and two other vulnerabilities affecting Java running in web browsers on desktops. These vulnerabilities are not applicable to Java running on servers or standalone Java desktop applications. They also do not affect Oracle server-based software.
These vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., they may be exploited over a network without the need for a username and password. To be successfully exploited, an unsuspecting user running an affected release in a browser will need to visit a malicious web page that leverages this vulnerability. Successful exploits can impact the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the user's system.
In addition, this Security Alert includes a security-in-depth fix in the AWT subcomponent of the Java Runtime Environment.
Due to the severity of these vulnerabilities, the public disclosure of technical details and the reported exploitation of CVE-2012-4681 "in the wild," Oracle strongly recommends that customers apply the updates provided by this Security Alert as soon as possible.

Supported Products Affected

Security vulnerabilities addressed by this Security Alert affect the products listed in the categories below.  Please click on the link in the Patch Availability column or in the Patch Availability Table to access the documentation for those patches.
Affected product releases and versions:
Java SEPatch Availability
JDK and JRE 7 Update 6 and beforeJava SE
JDK and JRE 6 Update 34 and beforeJava SE

Patch Availability Table and Risk Matrix

Java SE fixes in this Security Alert are cumulative; this latest update includes all fixes from previous Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts.

Patch Availability Table

Product GroupRisk MatrixPatch Availability and Installation Information
Oracle Java SEOracle JDK and JRE Risk Matrix

Also Java 7 Update 7 is now available to download for Windows (32- and 64-bit), Linux (32- and 64-bit), Mac OS X (64-bit), Solaris x86 (32- and 64-bit) and Solaris SPARC (32- and 64-bit). JDKs with the updated Java runtimes are also available. Users with Java installed on their systems, whatever operating system, should install the updates as soon as possible because malicious software that uses the vulnerability is already in circulation. For detailed information click here


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