Philips Sub-domain Hacked, Database Stolen & User Information Leaked

Philips Sub-domain Hacked, Database Stolen & User Information Leaked  

Dutch technology giant Philips have fallen victim to hackers. Philips Electronics said it shut down one of its servers on Monday because of a possible cyber attack. A couple of hackers known as Bch195 and HaxOr managed to get access on Philips server and defaced one of Philips' sub-domain.
The above screen-shots, is clearly showing that those hackers have uploaded a php shell on Philips server, which lead them to deface the sub-domain, as shown below.  

As per sources the hackers not only breached the server, but also leaked few SQL databases containing data such as user IDs, names, email addresses, country names, and occupations. From another part of the database the hackers allegedly managed to obtain 200,000 email addresses which they plan on selling. One of the databases, fortunately containing fewer than 400 records, has passwords stored in plain text.
Philips spokesman Steve Klink couldn't confirm whether any personal customer information or sensitive company data were put at risk. "It isn't prudent to make any statements until we've gotten to the bottom of this and completed the investigation," said Klink. The Dutch consumer electronics, lighting and healthcare group issued a short statement on its website on Tuesday stating that some of its small websites used for marketing might have been hacked on Monday. Philips said within an hour of becoming aware of the event, the compromised server was shut down. Immediately after this hack, Philips started investigating the nature and extent of the information that might have been accessed. 
Not only Philips,  In the last few months we have been a slew of attacks against the following sites: YahooLinkedIn,eHarmonyAndroid ForumsFormspringGamigoNvidia and  Blizzard.  


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