Hackers Breached Adobe Server in Order to Compromise Certificate to Sign malware

Hackers Breached Adobe Server in Order to Compromise Certificate to Sign malware

Few advanced hackers have managed to break into an internal server at Adobe to compromise a digital certificate that allowed them to create at least two files that appear to be legitimately signed by the software maker, but actually contain malware. This security breach took place on Thursday and the software giant Adobe confirmed that the attackers signed at least two malicious utility programs with the valid Adobe certificate. The company traced the problem to a compromised build server that had the ability to get code approved from the company’s code-signing system. As a result of the breach, which appears to date back to early July, Adobe on Oct. 4 expects to revoke the compromised certificate that was used to sign the malicious files. According to Brad Arkin, senior director of product security and privacy for Adobe “This only affects the Adobe software signed with the impacted certificate that runs on the Windows platform and three Adobe AIR applications that run on both Windows and Macintosh,” 

Arkin wrote. “The revocation does not impact any other Adobe software for Macintosh or other platforms.” The company uncovered the breach after coming across two malicious "utilities" that appeared to be digitally signed with a valid Adobe cert. It is unclear how or whether those files were used in the wild to target anyone. "Sophisticated threat actors use malicious utilities like the signed samples during highly targeted attacks for privilege escalation and lateral movement within an environment following an initial machine compromise," Arkin wrote

In another blog posted by Arkin, he said that, generally speaking, most Adobe users won't be affected"Is your Adobe software vulnerable because of this issue?" he wrote. "No". This issue has no impact on the security of your genuine Adobe software. Are there other security risks to you? We have strong reason to believe that this issue does not present a general security risk. The evidence we have seen has been limited to a single isolated discovery of two malicious utilities signed using the certificate and indicates that the certificate was not used to sign widespread malware."
The "build" server that was compromised was not configured according to Adobe's corporate standards, but that shortfall wasn't caught during the provisioning process, Arkin said. He added that the affected server did not provide the adversaries with access to any source code for other products, such as the popular Flash Player and Adobe Reader and Acrobat software. 
Here we would like to give you reminder that in the last few months we have been a slew of attacks against the following sites: Guild Wars 2GamigoBlizzardYahooLinkedIneHarmonyFormspringAndroid ForumsGamigo,  Nvidia,Blizzard and  Philips. And after this breach Adobe also enlisted its name among those who was fallen victim to cyber criminals in this year. For all the latest on cyber security and hacking related stories; stay tuned with VOGH

UPDATE: Recently we got an update, where Adobe denies the breach. In their later press release an Adobe spokeswoman said the certificate was not actually stolen: "Adobe has stringent security measures in place to protect its code signing infrastructure. The private keys associated with the Adobe code signing certificates were stored in Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) kept in physically secure facilities. We confirmed that the private key associated with the Adobe code signing certificate was not extracted from the HSM."

-Source (Adobe, SC Magazine, WIRED)


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