Indian Govt is Working on a Robust Cyber Security Structure -Said Manmohan Singh

Indian Govt is Working on a Robust Cyber Security Structure -Said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

After facing so many loses finally Indian government is taking the very cyber security issue seriously. India has already faced big damage in cyber space (both financially & reputation) from native countries like China, Pakistan, where sensitive data of Govt, defense, nuclear & space research has allegedly been stolen by cyber criminals. While expressing concern over India's escalating vulnerability to cyber crime, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh  said the government is working on a robust cyber security structureThe structure will help in mitigating threats, by building capacity to face them and enhancing research. Dr. Singh said the police leaders should also dedicate themselves to planned technological up-gradation of their forces. In his speech at the annual conference of DGPs/ IGPs;  Dr. Manmohan Singh said - ""There are many emerging areas where our police forces need to develop new expertise. I have already mentioned the use of new media by miscreants to spread rumours and falsehood. Another such area is our cyber-security. Our country's vulnerability to cyber crime is escalating as our economy and critical infrastructure become increasingly reliant on interdependent computer networks and the Internet"
"Large-scale computer attacks on our critical infrastructure and economy can have potentially devastating results. To this end, we need to build partnerships between Government, academia and the private sector," he added. Dr. Singh said the use of bulk SMSes and social media to aggravate the communal situation was a new challenge. "We need to fully understand how these new media are used by miscreants. We also need to devise strategies to counter the propaganda that is carried out by these new means. Any measure to control the use of such media must be carefully weighed against the need for the freedom to express and communicate," said Dr. Singh.
"I am sure that in the coming months our police forces would be able to work out effective strategies to deal with these tendencies," he added.

-Source (ANI)


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