Pwnium 2: Teenage Hacker Pinkie Pie Exploited Google Chrome & Earned $60,000

Pwnium 2: Teenage Hacker Pinkie Pie Exploited Google Chrome & Earned $60,000

One of world's most popular web-browser Google Chrome has fallen victim at Pwnium 2 security contest which took place earlier on 10th October, at the Hack In The Box conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A teenage hacker who goes by the pseudonym "Pinkie Pie" was successfully able to "fully exploit" Chrome, escaping the sandbox using only bugs within Chrome. The hack was done on a fully patched 64-bit Windows 7 system running the latest stable branch of Chrome. For his work, Pinkie Pie will receive the top prize of $60,000 from Google
This isn't the first time that "Pinkie Pie", also the name of a "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" character, has won money for exploiting Chrome. In March of this year, he was rewarded for vulnerabilities he used at Google's Pwnium contest, which took place during the Pwn2Own competition at CanSecWest, to break out of the browser's sandbox and execute code. In order to get his code to execute on the test system at the time, he had to combine a total of six vulnerabilities; the holes were later closed with the release of Chrome 18. Along with security specialist Sergey Glazunov, Pinkie Pie also won this year's Pwnie Award for the Best Client-Side Bug. What ever the full results of the Pwnium 2 competition will be announced during a talk by Google Software Engineer Chris Evans today that means, 11th October.
We also like to give you reminder that earlier in this year Google had increased vulnerability bounties in Anniversary of Vulnerability Reward Programbe. Also PayPalFacebook & many other has already started this paid bug bounty program. These bug bounty programs & such security contest indeed enhancing the security. 

-Source (The-H & SC Magazine)


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