AT&T Locker: Offering Free Cloud Storage For iOS & Android Users

AT&T Locker: Offering Free Cloud Storage For iOS & Android Users

AT&T a leader in telecommunication services, announced a brand new service which calls "AT&T Locker" that will allow iPhone and Android smartphone customers of AT&T to store 5GB worth of videos and photos for free in AT&T's cloud. The most interesting thing is that, the service is available through a free app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. And it allows users to store roughly 5,000 average sized photos in the cloud. The app requires subscribers use either an iPhone 3GS or newer device. And Android users must be on version 2.1 or higher of the Android OS. Users can choose to upload new photos and video via Wi-Fi, AT&T's cellular network or both. Customers can manage those photos and share them through the app on the smartphone or on the AT&T Locker web page. AT&T plans to incorporate additional features in future versions of AT&T Locker. And the company didn't say whether higher storage options will be available.
This service is exactly similar to Apple's iCloud service also allows up to 5GB of free storage. And it also offers Photo Stream, which allows its iPhone users to automatically store photos in Apple's cloud and share them across multiple iOS devices as well as share them with other people. The service stores up to 1,000 pictures automatically and this storage doesn't count against the iCloud storage limits. Google also offers storage in its Google Drive service. This service also offers up to 5GB of free storage. You can store anything here from pictures to documents to music. Of course there are also other options for storing photos and other digital content including Dropbox and Microsoft's SkyDrive which is also a very handy option. 

Brief Description:-

AT&T Locker™ allows you to Store, sync and share your photos, videos and documents in one convenient place. AT&T Locker is an app that lets you store, sync and share your data in one safe, convenient place. Your content is easy to access on your computer and phone from virtually anywhere. Photos and videos can be backed up automatically from your phone. It's also easy to share to email, Facebook and Twitter. First 5 GB of storage is free. Additional storage is available for the low monthly price of just $3.99 for 30GB or $9.99 for 100GB.

• Photos and videos can be automatically uploaded to your AT&T Locker from your phone
• Easily access your photos, videos and documents from your phone and computer
• Easy to share to email, Facebook and Twitter
• First 5 GB of storage is free. Additional storage is available.
• Your content is secure and backed up in the cloud
• Store your favorite memories in a safe and convenient place
• Store music from your computer to your AT&T Locker

-Source (AT&T, Cnet)


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