Hackers can hacked into your e-mail setup system if your wi-fi system is unprotected

"It is alarm time for all of us, an infectious virus has entered into the system through the Wi-Fi setup of gate no. 23 router", this was the call of the system manager of Nasa's chief security department on the day when one of Nasa's server was hacked from outside through the wi-fi system. Almost all of our homes, offices, military buildings, security departments use computers and internet, and modern days' technology enables us to use wireless setup of the network where the network can be accesses through Bluetooth type devices from anywhere within the server premises. But these wi-fi connectivity needs to be secured from inside as packets and information which are transferring through the gateway can be caught at unwanted ends anytime without our concern.
The internet and e-mail setup system use packets which carry information while leaving a machine. The data is stored in binary format which carries the actual information as well as the source and target destination addresses which are indicated by binary digits. If you think your PC as your home and the information leaving your PC as a member of the house, thus when the information is leaving for the destination indicates that your family member is on-road now. Hackers are spread out all over the world and hence will be waiting outside your home, or you can say PC, to get control over your family member, or you can say your personal information.
So in case we do not give any protection to our family member, in that case the family member can be kidnapped, or rather your personal information can be opened to an outsider. This requires a guard which will guard your family member from your home to your target house, means the data packet will be safely transferred from your PC to your target server. This protection is needed to set up with your e-mail setup system which will provide a protection to your data packets and your valuable information. What is followed today is that the data that is put into the packets are encrypted with a key which is known only on the sender and targeted machines. When a packet is transferred, the data inside is encrypted with that key and correct decryption is done only through that key when it reaches the proper target.
Hence if any of the packets get hacked from middle, it will not be of any use to the hacker as the hacker will not have the proper key with him or her. A wrong key will decrypt the file to wrong information, which will be useless for the purpose the file is hacked. But don't get relieved that it's done and you are protected, no, not at all. Because hackers are aware of such systems more than we do, and they are just brilliants in these fields. What they do is directly hack the wi-fi setup of your system, thus get into the control of the whole of your machine and take up required information. So we will have to protect our wi-fi system as well to protect our homes from unwanted hazards. These will be discussed in the next edition of the article.


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