Pentagon Increased Their Expense On Cyber Security (Issued in Budget 2013)

Pentagon Increased Their Expense On Cyber Security (Issued in Budget 2013)

Cyber security has become one of the most sophisticated area of National security and defense. So as expected  the Pentagon is taking this issue very seriously. In 2013 budget issued in Monday Pentagon confirms that they will increase their spending in this very topic. Although the full figure will not be released until later in the day, a preview offered by Defense Secretary Leon M. Panetta last month suggested that “cyber is one of the few areas in which we actually increased our investments.” The increased spending will include both defensive and offensive measures. A four-year review of U.S. defense policy directed “more investment” in “long-range strike, and space and cyber-space [capabilities] in order to project power, deter aggression, and come to the aid of allies and partners.”
Total federal spending on cybersecurity is set to grow at almost 9 percent a year over the next five years, increasing from just more than $9 billion in 2011 to about $14 billion in 2016, according to Herndon, Va.-based Deltek market research consultants. This compares to a 2 percent annual growth rate for federal spending on information technology in general, Deltek said in recently published research.

 -Source (Washington times)
VOGH Review About Indian Cyber Security:- 
Still countries like India where Govt is very careless about this burning issue. The rise of cyber crime is almost kissing the sky. And the status of Indian cyber security is in the disaster. The very out put is in front of us. Since the last week every day BD hackers penetrating Indian cyber fence very badly which is indeed causing lots of damage for the country not only reputation but also the country has caused lost of economical damage.If such things continues then in very coming future India have to face a massive disaster of National security including defense, army, secrete research areas and in many other sensitive sectors.


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