KT Corp. -South Korea's No. 2 Wireless Service Provider Hacked, 8.7 Million Subscriber Effected

KT Corp. -South Korea's No. 2 Wireless Service Provider Hacked, 8.7 Million Subscriber Effected

Yet again South Korea became victim of cyber-attack. Few days ago hacker collective Anonymous attacked Australian internet service provider named AAPT and stolen 40GB user data. After AAPT another  service provide named 'KT Corp.' which is the second largest wireless service provider in South Korea became victim to cyber-criminals. Authority of KT Corp apologized after personal data of millions of mobile phone subscribers was hacked. "We deeply apologize for worrying you," KT said in a statement. The company said it had blocked any further illegal access to data. The hacking began in February this year.
It is the latest in a string of large-scale personal information hacking cases in one of the world's most wired countries. Police said two computer programmers had been arrested for hacking personal data of about 8.7 million KT subscribers. KT claims a mobile service subscription membership of 16 million. Police were also investigating seven others suspected of having purchased and used the hacked KT data, which included names, resident registration numbers and phone numbers. We would like to remind you that last year another massive cyberattack generated from China stolen personal details of more than 13 Million of MapleStory players. After that hack this one is the second largest attack which infected millions of South Korean people.  
In the last few months there have been a slew of attacks against the following sites: YahooLinkedIn,eHarmonyAndroid ForumsFormspring, Nvidia and Gamigo which infected total of almost 50 Millions of users world wide. This hack on KT corporation again establishing that security experts are far behind from cyber-criminals. Stay tuned with VOGH for all the latest information and updates on cyber-security & hacking news. 

-Source (Reuters)


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