KDE 4.9 Released With Improved Stability & Performance

KDE 4.9 Released With Improved Stability & Performance

Earlier in January we got KDE 4.8, so after eight moths of wait now the KDE Developers team has announced its latest set of releases, providing major updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Version 4.9 provides many new features, along with improved stability and performance. This release is dedicated to the memory of KDE contributor Claire Lotion. Claire's vibrant personality and enthusiasm were an inspiration to many in many opensource community, and her pioneering work on the format. The KDE Quality Team was set up earlier this year with a goal to improve the general levels of quality and stability in KDE software. Special attention was given to identifying and fixing regressions from previous releases. This was a top priority because it ensures improvement with each release. As a result of the efforts of the KDE Quality Team, the 4.9 Releases are the best ever.
One particular bugfix deserves special attention. An Okular bug reported in 2007 had gotten nearly 1100 votes; it was important to many users. They complained about making annotations and not being able to save or print them. With the assistance of many commenters and people on the Okular IRC channel, Fabio D’Urso implemented a solution that allows Okular PDF document annotations to be saved and printed. The fix required some work on KDE libraries and attention to overall design to ensure that non-PDF documents worked right. 

The most notable include:-
  • The Dolphin file manager includes back and forward buttons, inline file renaming, and the ability to show metadata like ratings, tags, image size, file size, date, and more. You can also sort files by these metadata properties, which is awesome. It also includes a better Places panel, improved search, and better integration with the Terminal.
  • The Konsole terminal now includes the ability to change directory when you drag and drop a folder into the window, detach tabs by dragging them out of the window, and more.
  • Activities, the feature that helps you separate your work from your play, is now a bit more powerful, letting you link certain files to each workspace. You can also encrypt certain activities for more private work.
  • The KWin window manager now has better performance all around, as well as a few improvements here and there with certain effects like Wobby Windows.

To Download KDE 4.9 Click Here

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