'BackDoor.Wirenet.1' Trojan Stealing Passwords From Mac & Linux Based Systems

'BackDoor.Wirenet.1' Trojan Stealing  Passwords From Mac & Linux Based Systems

A Russian Anti Virus software company named 'Dr Web' has spotted a piece of malware that unusually targeting Macs and Linux-based systems is causing a world of trouble for those in its path. The newly found mlaware dubbed 'BackDoor.Wirenet.1' apparently providing its masters with a backdoor into infected systems. It is also capable of stealing passwords stored in browsers like Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Opera. Furthermore, it’s also able to obtain passwords from popular applications including SeaMonkey, Pidgin and Thunderbird. Even if you don’t use any of the above mentioned software, you’re still in danger as a keylogger is bundled in the payload. Wirenet.1 installs itself into the user's home directory using the name WIFIADAPT

There are some steps that can be taken right away if you think you could be infected. Dr. Web is quick to point out that their anti-virus software will keep you protected. Another option is to simply disable communication with the control server used by the code’s author. In this case, blocking communication with IP address should do the trick.  

Earlier also Mac users faced such attacks when mac Trojan OSX.SabPub was spreading through Java exploits In 2011 we have also seen OSX/Revir-B trojan was installed behind a PDF, and giving hackers remote access to MAC computers, not only Revier-B also Linux Tsunami trojan Called "Kaiten"targeted Mac OS users in 2011. Also another malware named "Devil Robber" which was also make MAC users victim while stealing their personal information


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