Anonymous Threatens Israel to Erase From The Internet (#OpIsrael)

Anonymous Threatens Israel to Erase From The Internet (#OpIsrael)
Infamous hacker collective group Anonymous along with some organized hacker communities together started a massive rampage against Israeli cyber space. The hacker group threatened Israel government while  planning to engage a massive cyber-attack on Israel, saying that, they will "erase" the country from the Internet. From some legitimate sources it has been confirmed that the hackers are planning to execute the attack on 7th of April. One of the twitter account of Anonymous also confirmed the date and timing, while saying "Hacktivists Starting Cyber Attack against Israel on 7th of April." Also twitter feed of Anonymous invited numerous hackers communities around the world to join up for the cyber rampage dubbed Operation  Israel Phase 2 (#OpIsrael). On the other hand Israel government took the threat seriously and taking almost every steps to avoid any kind of disaster. Ofir Ben Avi, director of online group Accessible Government of Israel told the media -“It’s something being organized online over the past few days. What distinguishes this plan when compared to previous attacks is that it really seems to be organized by Anonymous-affiliated groups from around the world in what looks like a joining of forces”
As you all might know that past experience of Israel while dealing hackers was not at all sweet. In case of Anonymous then we would like to remind you that, this would be the second attack on Israel by the group, as they launched the first “OpIsrael” in November 2012 in response to Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip.  If you dig the recent past you will come to know that not only Anonymous, but also hackers from different part of the world targeted Israeli cyber space and caused big damages. For instance we can recap the hack of Kosova Hackers Security (KHS) where they hacked and exposed personal data of 35,000 Israeli people. Here we must have to name the hackers from Pakistan who are constantly against Israel causing massive cyber attack against leading IT industry of Israel and other high profile Israeli sites. Just a couple of months ago, the world seen what it call the black day in the history if Israeli cyber space where another Pak hackers community hacked the main domain controller of Israel, which causes a massive hack against almost all the big Israeli sites such as government, MSN, Bing, Live, Skype, Microsoft Store, BBC, CNN, Coca-Colla, XBOX, Windows, Intel & many more. Here we can also take the name of Indian hacker Godzilla & Arabian hacker community (Group-XP) who also harassed and harmed the Israeli cyber space very very badly. After observing all the scenario mentioned above, it is expected to watch some sensational fight between hackers and Israeli government. So lets wait for the time, and stay tuned with VOGH to get all the latest update on this story and also other cyber issues.


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